*LIKES*:  night-time, the forest, felines, the colour black, lana del rey, x-tra bold coffee, roadtrips


Fascinated by all things intriguing & darkly beautiful, I love to capture unique places & interesting tales.


For the past seven years, I’ve gone from place to place, city to city. Like a one-woman traveling carnival, I traverse the land & take pieces of each place with me to the next.


I began photographing in 2012, on a whim at a roadside fair in Ontario, Canada. From there I started taking candid shots of musician friends & performers, mostly while they were backstage or setting up for shows. I purposely don’t shoot with fancy cameras & the ‘right’ lenses, as I like the creative challenge & resourcefulness of limited conditions.


I am always traveling & exploring and have lived & worked in Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas.