*LIKES*:  night-time, the forest, felines, the colour black, driving to nowhere, extra-bold coffee, haunted houses, roadtrips


Fascinated by all things intriguing & darkly beautiful – I’m a writer of words and pictures who loves to capture unique places & interesting tales.


I got my start in photography one night at a roadside fair in Canada. For years I photographed musicians, performers, and artists, but then it was time to follow my true calling. It was time to hit the road.


For the past seven years, I’ve gone from place to place, city to city. Like a one-woman traveling carnival, I traverse the land & take pieces of each place with me to the next.


I am always traveling & exploring and have lived & worked in Ottawa, Montreal, (Upstate) New York, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, and most recently – Minneapolis.