Pixel Forest

It is a Sunday morning. As I stand in front of the sink brushing my teeth, I make a spontaneous decision to drive to Houston. Freedom and impulsiveness…I can already taste the feeling of adventure as I throw some clothes on and hit the road. Coffee in hand, Arcade Fire’s ‘Suburban War’ on repeat, the highway stretched out in front of me, It is one of those times I am most happiest in life. One of those rare moments where I feel both peace & excitement flow thru me at once.

I’m heading to Houston because I’ve been wanting to see the exhibit ‘Pixel Forest’ for some time. And it does not disappoint, this wonder of light and neon; it is a photographer’s dream. And while sadly, pictures can’t truly convey it, I sure have fun trying. Maybe trying a little too much, because at one point a quiet young guy comes over to me and says that before I leave I should take some time to just be there. To just take in the atmosphere with my eyes & ears & mind, instead of purely with my camera.

I decide to take his advice. I have to admit that sometimes art and its intended message have to be lived in person. Pictures are beautiful & transportive, but they can only reflect an experience, not substitute for it. Sometimes you really do have to be in the moment.

That being said, here are a few pics from Pixel Forest, even though really – you had to be there.

(that’s me there fyi)

Me taking some good advice, and putting down the camera for a minute